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5 years ago

HDHomeRun Prime, is nearly every channel inaccessible?


I'm trying to use my HDHomeRun Prime I just purchased from eBay. I got it connected, activated, and setup. However, as a subscriber to nearly every package of TV there is available from Cox, I found nearly every channel is copy-protected. Is there a way to view these channels outside of the HDHomeRun app?

It'd be a shame that I spent over $200 for the convenience of having my TV accessible everywhere in my home, including computers, just to have it be essentially useless. Anybody know what's up with this?

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  • Hi Fefifochizzle, are you trying to record content or watch live content? Per, watching live TV content on DRM-protected cable TV channels is available using a compatible device. Record and playback of DRM-protected cable TV channels isn't yet available. "DRM protected Cable TV channels in the USA are available to be viewed Live via Windows 10, Android and Apple iOS devices. Record, playback and other platforms coming soon." -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator