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5 years ago

Has the Contour 2 ever become compatible with Alexa?

I was using the old Scientific Atlanta cable box and everything worked beautifully. It was set up for Alexa to be able to turn the cable box and TV on and off, to change the channel, and to change the volume. I was forced to "upgrade" to the Contour 2 box. Now, nothing works. My problem is this: the cable is mostly for my mother who is disabled and cannot use her hands, therefore she cannot use the remote for the wonderful "voice feature" that everyone at Cox is talking about. If she uses a pencil in her mouth to press the voice control button, now Contour cannot understand what she wants since there is no way of training the remote to understand someone's voice. So, unless I am home, she can only stay on one channel and nothing else. Is the Contour 2 EVER going to be compatible with Alexa? I have tried all of the hacks I have read about but none of them seem to work. At this point, I simply think that Cox does not care about their customers what so ever and it is even worse if they are disabled. In that case, their money is not good enough for Cox and they need to be put in their place as being useless. Yes, I am upset. I have called numerous customer service people about what can be done with no answer at all, other than I should pay for a full time nurse to change the channel for her. I would leave Cox first even though I have been a customer for over 10 years.

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