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6 years ago

Hallmark video choppy

When watching certain movies on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, the video is very choppy.  It only happens during the movies and not during the comercials.  There is no problem with the audio, just the video

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    Hi Tomanders, Thank you for contacting us. Are you getting any error messages on the screen? Also are there any splitters connected to the coaxial cable going to the cable box. If so could you bypass the splitter and plug the coaxial cable directly to the cable. -Xavier
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      No there are no error messages, there are no splitters.  It almost seems to be a problem with hallmark's broadcast because it doesn't happen during commercials. It only happens during the actual hallmark movies.  

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        Hi Tomanders. You may need to see if SAP(Secondary Audio Programming) is on and if so, please turn it off. If you have a Contour 2 box, select Contour from your remote, go to settings, select Language and you will see the SAP selection. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator