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6 years ago

Guide Search for Sports

I noticed when searching for games, like for example NBA basketball, if I search by voice remote, or even using the C button and going to the NBA menu, I am able to find games and even the dates and times the games are scheduled for. I can even get the option to record the game if it's scheduled to air on TV. The only option that's not provided is to show the channel number or Network the game will be televised on. Is it possible to add this option so we can know the channel/network the game is available on? This will also give customers the options to setup recording for the pregame show if we so desire. Thank you

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  • Hi C2 Fanboy, I'm not sure why the Contour 2 Sports App doesn't include the network name for upcoming games. Perhaps the programmers were worried about fitting all the details into an area of limited real estate? I will certainly submit your suggestion to our video team! The best way to find the channel information is to do a voice search for "NBA." Use the down arrow to skip the Sports App preview thumbnails and highlight the "Upcoming Games" section. Highlighting each game thumbnail will display the air day, air time, and channel number. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator