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7 years ago

guide is not see thru? why not?

is there a way to see thru the guide(5 channels in middle).  i can see some of the program a little above and below but not middle.  

i can see thru in other instances like in my recordings,settings etc....(ibackground darkness level on 1) but not when pressing guide, which was my main goal. 

reprogram that so it can,  thanks

*is there a way to program a skip forward button?  it has a reverse 15 seconds.   i can say ff 30 seconds or ff 2 minutes at least.  

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    i have contor 2.  dont understand "you can use the Voice Search button to bring up a small menu that allows you to see the channel behind it.".     thanks 4 tryin

    30 sec ff works. thanks 

  • billyo

    Sadly, we do not have a transparent guide for this instance. However, we can submit a request for this feature on your behalf. Please send us an email with your full address to so we can submit this request on your behalf. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator