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4 years ago

Glitchy ESPN feed

I have been having the same glitchy signal on ESPN on all of my TVs for weeks.  Every other channel is fine.  No loose coax cables. Trying to watch MNF literally gives me a headache from all of the skipping. Audio does not skip. Just the video feed. Even commercials. Why is there no explanation for this?

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  • Jabrew2121,

    This is currently under investigation. Are you home and still seeing this issue on all games or only during a particular event or game?

    Cox Forum Support Moderator
  • Let me pipe up and say that this is exactly the same issue I am having with ESPN.  No other channel has the same issue.  They all run smooth.  ESPN is very annoying to watch.  This happens with every event, every day.  It happens when watching boxing and college football games.  When I record these events, the glitchy-ness carries over in the recordings.