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7 years ago

Fuzzy picture on On Demand programs!

Ok, so all my connections are solid, and the picture on live TV is crystal clear... however, when I try to watch a show on HBO On Demand, it's fuzzy.  The last message I posted on this issue suggested I  check all my  connections - this has been done.  Also, reset  my cable box, also does.  Some forum users have suggested going straight to HBO Go - if that's the solution, then why in the world am I paying what I'm am for the "new and improved" Contour?? 

Please, fix this issue Cox.

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  • Hi SunnyOC,

    Is this seen happening on all On Demand content with all receivers in the home? We need to reserve a field technician to diagnose and determine a solution to the On Demand quality.

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    It's just happening with Game of Thrones season 6, no other On Demand shows have this issue.  I'm going to reset the modem to see if that helps out at all.  I don't want a technician sent out to the house just yet.

    Thank you.