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7 years ago


Within the last month, my Fox Sports 1 channel comes and goes, it will work for like 2 mins. then blinks out and says it's temporarily off air Fox Sports 1 HD  please check back later. Now, mind you, from 11:00pm til 6:00am it works fine with no interuptions, but after 6am forget it. I'm running the explorer 4240 Sciencetific Atlanta HDC for the last  or 4 years now. And I have no probelm in my other room with that little black box on another tv. I've rebooted too many times to count and to no avail. Sometimes, if I catch it just right, I can change channel, then change it back to FS1 and it'll come in for a few seconds then blink out again. This is also happening on my CMT channel now. It acts like its scrambled. Any help??

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  • Hi Mitchwindy, Thanks for reaching out to us through Cox Forums. So that we can look into the issue you’re experiencing please our team at with this post, your full name and complete address. Maria L. Cox Support Forum Moderator