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4 years ago

Frustration with lack of knowledge on tuning adapter and cable card

About 2 weeks ago, started having problems accessing certain channels on one of 2 TiVos we have.  Contacted support and after a little bit of troubleshooting, they requested I go to Cox store and swap out the tuning adapter.  Did that, called in to activate, and still couldn’t access same channels.   Scheduled a service appointment.  This Monday a subcontractor tech came out and had ZERO knowledge of cable cards, tuning adapters, etc.  Three and 1/2 hours later - I have a new run through the middle of the yard, but no channels on said TV.  Scheduled another tech visit today with a so-called TiVo “expert.”

After another three and 1/2 hours, we are now worse off than before.  This tech had only worked on ONE other TiVo setup before - so not exactly an expert.   Replaced amplifier and a few splitters.   But now in addition to the previous TiVo that didn’t access certain channels, our other TiVo that was working perfectly now has ZERO channels available.  The technician then claimed that my perfectly working TiVo box was the problem and that he couldn’t do anything more.  

I am confident that both of my TiVo’s work adequately, but Cox’s lack of support of this has been extremely frustrating.   The continued message is just to switch over and pay more to use the Contour equipment.   I used to be able to get support that would fix my problems in a short amount of time and complete satisfaction   Guess Cox doesn’t want to provide that level of service anymore.

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  • @Bkmoore4113, Are the tuning adapters flashing or are they solid? Also, are you getting any error messages on the screen? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Allan - the TiVo that was the initial source of the problem has a flashing yellow light.  Neither technician even tried to resolve that issue.  The TiVo that was initially working and now has absolutely no channel access has and still does have a solid yellow light on the tuning adapter.  

      Depending on the channel, I am getting either a v52 or a V53 error. 

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        Those error codes mean there's a signal issue. Check the coaxial cable connection on the back of the device and make sure all cables are secure.

        Jonathan J
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    that's part of the fun when you try to save on your cox bill!!