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6 years ago

Freezing/Stutters - video and audio

We had Cox installed in January 2019.  After what was an arduous installation due to the differences between what was promised/expected and actually received, I was shocked to have issues with the video/audio in just a matter of days.

2 TV's, both have the same issue - video/audio freezes, sometimes goes to a black screen, we jerk and jump through each program.  Anything on the DVR will have this spasm like performance.  We first called Cox out for it 2 weeks after installation.  

This means installation 1/7/2019 and repair calls for video/audio stuttering in January, February, March and now April.

Each time the online/call center rep will ask us to check connections, ask if we've moved or unplugged the modem/DVR boxes, then shock the modem (today i said don't do that because I was downloading a work file and he did it anyway causing me a problem but hey - what should I expect?).  Doesn't make a difference.

Then they send some shock to the DVR box.  Doesn't make a difference.

We're paying for Cox video and watching Netflix, Amazon and Roku.  And when we are not using the Cox video services, there is no stuttering, freezing, spasming.  It is solely related to Cox Contour Video services.

We even went so far as to replace our HDMI cables thinking something could be wrong there.  Except the issue continues even after replacing our HDMI cable and moving them to a new connector on the TV's (in case there was a problem with the connectors.

Frustrated.  Pull PUC information today.  This is ridiculous.  I don't know what else we can do except disconnect Cox TV services.  The HSI is fine.  It's just the TV services that are not worth the large amount of money we're paying for it.

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  • Hello. I can certainly understand your frustration with this ongoing issue. This is sounding like a signal issue since both tv's are experiencing issues. These types of issues typically require a tech to come out since we are unable to resolve signal related issues from our side. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues with the video service after the tech visit. Thanks. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator