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7 years ago

Free Contour movies blocked by Netflix choices

We use the free Contour movies for many movies each month.  Recently Cox made a decision to add the Netflix movies to the choices, even if you have not subscribed to Netflix.  This makes it near impossible to find the other real free movies, unless you spend hours to weeks going through the thousands of Netflix movies, or you subscribe to Netflix.

This has downgraded my current service so I cannot reasonably use the free movies search as I do not want to subscribe to Netflix, and there is no way to filter them out, per Cox employees.  There are comments already about using Contour and Netflix online.

I have discussed this with three Cox employees.  They say that they are working on it, but they have all said that this is not a downgrade of service, yet you cannot reasonably use this feature.  This appears to be another sales pitch which has ruined one of their current offerings.  

Does anyone know when this will be fixed?  The employees I talked to did not have that information.

Why would you add movies you have to pay more for to the "Free movie search"?  

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    Hi Sprung51 
    While we don't have a timeline on when such a change will come about, please consider using the Contour button on the remote, select On Demand and then Movies. Also, when you go through the options for Free movies you can also search by network to match those titles with your subscriptions to premium or other channels. If you have a specific movie in mind, you can also say it into the remote. 
    Erica W 
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