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7 years ago

Forums Update

Hello Everyone,

We've recently completed some cosmetic updates as well as feature enhancements here in our forums. We believe this will make it easier for you to find answers to your questions, and improve the overall experience.

Thanks for being a part of our Community!

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    I was looking at your Achievements feature under my profile and it seems to be based on "Ideas."  What is an Idea?  Is it how to improve service and lower costs?

    How would I submit an Idea?  I don't see its option.  As of now, an Idea appears to be asking a question or creating a post.  Why would asking a question or creating a post be an achievement?  Answering the question should be the achievement.

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      Hello Bruce, We're working on fine tuning the achievements piece, there will be more to come on that.
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    Someone needs to seriously look into fixing "Notifications". For one thing, neither the "Select All" nor "Select None" seem to work in populating or de-populating the check boxes to their appropriate categories, and no matter how many times I manually uncheck these boxes I am unable to save preferences.