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5 years ago

fixing an oops

I was deleting a few series recordings from my dvr list when I deleted a series by mistake. Is there a way to undo the wrong I have done?

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    For Contour1, there is no undo for deleted recordings.  Your recovery options are to watch available episodes of the series on either your DVR's OnDemand or on with the Browse>TV option.   

  • If the files were originally under Recordings, scroll to the bottom and recall from the Delete...for Contour2...If your DVR is the original older version, I think you are out of luck, and must find under OnDemand, like CurtB says.

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      If Contour2 has a deleted recorded programs undo, it may be the first Contour2 feature that I like better than Contour1.  But, it's still  a feature that's only useful if you answer "Yes, Delete" to the Delete Series Programs verification... or whatever the equivalent delete verification is for Contour2.

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        CurtB...just checked my Contour2.....if you 'delete now' a show that appears under Recording, you can scroll to the bottom and scroll thru the 'Recently Deleted' and either do a Recover or Delete Now.  There is no Delete All  for all the entries, you must do one complete delete at a time...same with recover.  Kinda neat.  Probably there is a link for Contour2 delete.

        Now if you want to delete an entire series from future recording, I believe you must go in Series Priority and delete the entry.