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5 years ago

Favorites Button on Contour remote

So just came back to Cox after several years with another provider. Get everything installed and save some favorite channels and then come to find that it is like a 6 step process to bring up your favorites list . Come on folks, how hard is it to enable a button on the remote to jump right to your favorites list. How about the UP button (just above OK) like Dish and DirecTV do, or one of the A,B,C,D buttons

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    @pc_medic Hello. Thank you for your feedback. We love hearing how we can make our product better. This is really helpful for our product team… thank you! -Crystal
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    I hope this helps:  You can permanently set your guide to only show favorite channels.

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      Thank you for the tip, but this is not what I am looking for. If I am watching say 'HBO' and want to quickly jump to a favorite I would like this to be an option while also having the option to view the entire 'Free To Me' guide should I go to the guide.

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    On your remote control, press the microphone, then say the following: "Favorite Channels".

    It will then show you a page where it will show your favorite movies (that's if you've marked some as that), and then your favorite channels in a row to choose from or even a row of favorite actors (that you've marked some as that) and etc.

    My guess you want to simply surf only your favorite channels?  If that is the case, yeah, that needs improvement.