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5 years ago

Fast Forward/Rewind

Why are the fast forward and rewind functions for the DVR so imprecise?  Perhaps this is related to the Coutour 2 box response issue; perhaps not.  Either way, it is incredibly difficult to resume watching at the desired point in a program.  For example, when zipping through a commercial, it is pure luck whenever I manage to get the recording to resume at the desired point.  I'm constantly going back and forth to get to the right spot.  Prior to Cox, I've had other cable providers (RCN, Comcast) and both satellite services.  I've never had a significant problem with this issue before.  Seems unacceptable to me.

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    Contour 1 has a 7 second "Skip back" button.  I FF 6x through commercials and press "Play" then "Skip back" 2 or 3 times.  I really don't like to sit through commercials.  From the start of a normal length commercial to resume watching the program takes around 20 seconds.  I think my thumb has developed muscle memory for that sequence of button pushes. 

    I did an Internet search for "contour 2 remote skip back" and found  a May, 2019 post with the subject "Cox Cable Contour 2 - 30 second skip button Code" in another support forum.  It showed how to program the page up button to skip 30 seconds forward and the page down button 15 seconds back.

    Apparently Contour 2 doesn't have a skip back button like Contour 1 has, but it may be possible to program a remote to perform skip forward and skip back.  Please note, this is just something I read and not something I've tried or know will work.   

    If somebody tries the reprogramming of their Contour 2 remote for the 30 second skip forward and 15 second skip back, please let us know your results.

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      Did anyone try reprogramming their Contour 2 remote for the 30 second skip forward and 15 second skip back?

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        CurtB...I looked thru the Forum on that Contour 2 remote reprogram, tried it and could not make it work.  The response I got from Cox, on Nov14 ...."We do not officially support this requested feature. However, I will submit this request to our programming team on your behalf. I hope that we are able to support this in the future.?

        Being able to adjust the skip fwd/bk would be so fantastic.  The current set is 5min.  Its alright when you have large sections that you want to jump.  I would like to bring mine down to almost 15sec, instead of using the FFwd button.  Does anyone know if the disk reader on the DVR is a laser, so that FF and extremely does not ruin the surface...probably the spin up/back may have some physical impact on the hardware.  Not sure is a jump process is different than FF on hardware.  We need to keep asking and see if we can get more responses!

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    Hi Rca1, here is an article that talks about playback controls for our Contour 2 remotes:

    I have submitted feedback to our Contour 2 Team that oversees guide enhancements and changes, to see if this can be improved in a future update. We value your genuine feedback. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    it depends how fast you're running ff. i run 3x for 2 min then 1x & it's easy to get it right.

  • As CurtB said there is some posting about the 30sec skip button....have not tried it.  The page up/down does allow you a 5 min "jump".....changing it to say 15sec or so, would be a nice option.  The FF button does allow you to at least view the FF.  going 2x or 3x does speed it up while the exit button quickly to close the display window.

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      ekhawaii. I think we've briefly discussed Contour 1 features vs Contour 2 in the past. I still haven't read a post that described a Contour 2 feature that I liked better than Contour 1, but I do keep reading things I like about Contour 1 better. 

  • Yes CurtB, we did gab about some differences between 1 & 2.  Voice is one I sometimes use and the quick search by pressing a single number key, takes a little getting used to.  I'm starting to like the Recording/Scheduling and how it tells me  how much I've watched of a show.  The icons are kinda big.  Episodes available on a past show is really neat, allows me to search for past shows of something and either OnDemand and record.  Not see a Contour 1 screen, so it's hard to tell whats better.

    Having the ability to program the Jump to fwd/back could be neat, since the current 5 min is a lot.  I've gotten better at the >>Fwd and back and even using the exit to quickly get back to the show and remove you say, thumb memory.  However, I'm starting to get slow remote response, even with a new battery.  I see some postings about this and will go investigate.  I sometimes record a live game and watch about an hr later to kill the commercials.. but this remote response.

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      The only time I've noticed a slow response is when I get close to catching up to live for something that is still being recorded, like a ball game.  (I watch ball games slightly delayed too in order to avoid commercials).  Pause, FF and rewind have a noticeable delay when I get near the end of the recording.  But, there's no delay until I get to within a few minutes of live, so it's not an issue for me.  I just allow time to let each button-push complete during the short time until I catch up to live.