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2 years ago

Fast forwarding randomly causes recording to go back to beginning

This seems to happen only when recording a live sports program (i.e. long) and then viewing the program from the VCR while it is still recording.  Sometimes when I hit fast forward the recording just goes back to the beginning and loses my place.  Other times it fast forwards fine but when I stop fast forwarding it goes back to the beginning, and still other times it shows that it went back to the beginning but it actually doesn't.  I don't think this happens if I wait to view the program until the recording is finished but for football games or golf tournaments this is very frustrating.

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    This is happening to me too, altho if I go back to the program as listed on Saved in my recordings and click Resume, it takes me back to where I originally was watching and I don't have to FF. Otherwise you have to FF from beginning to where you were. That's the only work-around I've found, but its better than trying to figure out where you were. It's a frustrating issue, to be sure. happens mostly on sports (live or recorded), but has also happened on non-sports programming. 

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      This is happening to me as well.  Interesting point on it only happening when the program is still recording.  That might be true.  It just occurred now and that was the case. 

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        I didn’t realize either but a five hour golf recording was driving me crazy with the jumps back to the beginning. I just stopped the recording and kept watching and can’t get it to jump. Appreciate the insight but I don’t think this is getting fixed any time soon. A big problem for me since I watch a ton of sports on dvr after they start and before they end. 

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    Did you mean DVR and not VCR? Have you tried swapping your DVR out? Do you have more then 1 box? If so, does it happen on all of them?

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    Which device? For what you're talking about, they have hard drive based DVR boxes, at least two  very different kinds of cloud-based DVR boxes, and then cloud devices like iPhone apps and web browsers running on computers. The behavior can vary greatly between these devices, but if I were to guess, what you're describing sounds like an app or web browser, where the service is subpar to put it politely.