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Experiencing audio cut-out on MSNBC, both picture audio several times per minute for 3-5 seconds each time, makes watching shows very unpleasant, anyone else?

For the past week or more MSNBC audio is cutting out as well as the picture several times per minute. Seems others in the Roanoke Virginia are also experiencing this. There was an article in the Roanoke Times today.  Resetting cable box did not fix the problem.  

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    yes your not alone, very bad reception with contour always buffering but my Bill always going up ,have to go dispute every time

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      @Jolhan, I recommend unplugging everything from the cable box for 2 mins and then plug it all back up. Please let us know if there is any change. Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • Hello. Are you experiencing this issue on multiple channels or just this one? -Allan, Cox Support forums Moderator.