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Exiting streamed game cast.

Cox cable, Samsung 4k UHD

I was watching game last night on ESPN+.

Today my wife tried to watch normal TV and I could not return from the streaming mode.

I deselected ESPN+ , selected the TV option (Not a streaming app) & could not exit.

Finally disconnected the small box, reconnected & waited through programming & all was swell, she is watch channels again.

What is the normal procedure for exiting streamed TV.

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    Hello, so I understand this correctly, it appears you were accessing the streaming app on the Samsung television itself, and not Contour. ESPN+ is currently not available as a streaming app on that platform. Here's a list of all apps:

    If this is the case, I would recommend contacting Samsung directly at 800-726-7864, for additional support. Were you using the Contour remote to navigate to the ESPN+ app on the Samsung TV? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator