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4 years ago

ESPN Network Channels skip constantly

I have had the same ESPN problem many on this forum identify.  I have had multiple technicians come to my home in Gainesville, Florida without resolve.  Is Cox cable going to admit to this problem rather than blame the equipment in individual homes?  It is now December of 2020 and the problem continues to occur.  I have also exchanged my contour two boxes to no avail.  As an 18 year customer I have had enough.  I have also written an email to the help desk email given here as I am out of ways to get the service I pay for with your service.  It seems the only solution is to offer something else other than contour two boxes.  

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    Hi @HocGator,

    We definitely want you to be able to watch ESPN without interruption. There were a lot of issues being reporting in the San Diego area but we have not had many people in Gainsville report ESPN issues. Which model Contour box have you been swapping out? Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your Cable box?

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