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4 years ago

ESPN app gives error "this channel is not part of your TV package"

I am signed into the ESPN app on my firestick using my COX credentials yet when I try to view a program on ESPN or ESPN2 using the app it tells me that this is "this channel is not part of your subscription". 

Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app along with trying the app on my phone but continue to get the same error.

Note - Same as earlier persons topic but the solution is not in the reply thread.

Note 2 - I’ve also tried logging into espn with my espn account which works fine on my phone and I’m able to watch directly on my phone...

This has been an issue for 2 months now and I’m tired of driving to a local bar just to watch a football game please help.

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    Hi Dan1mal,
    Have you tried to download the Contour App and log in to it before you log in to the ESPN app?

    Ben S.
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    Try this.

    Delete the app. Unplug your modem. Connect your device to a mobile hotspot. Once connected, download the app. Once downloaded log into your cable provider, if it’s still logged in from previous time, log out and log in again. This should actually allow you log into your cable provider manually instead doing to automatically. Once you’ve successfully logged into your cable provider, plug your modem back in and it should be working now.