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4 years ago

Error Codes XRE 03059 and M.3.1.4

This is a problem that goes out early morning 5am or 10pm,,but there is no tech available at those hours.  When tech comes during day the problem it  has fixed itself,so tech says everything is working nothing to check!!  This has been going on for a month,with no answers from anyone.  Is anyone else getting these error codes.  No channel 5,10,12,15.

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    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing service issues. I did check from this end and it seems some outages have been noted on your account around the time this occurs. You can sign into your account or use our Cox Mobile app to check service status, sign up for update notifications, and see any estimated time of repair if that information is known.


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    I have been having the same issues... In addition I have been having glitches on some channels...

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      Hi @Impepjo,
      Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your Cable box?
      Ben S.
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      yep.  i had the same issue for ESPN & ESPN 2!  it happened in November and resolved itself before they could send a tech out and it happened again yesterday.  spent 3 hours chatting with two different cox reps yesterday explaining the same issue, going through the same steps as last time, and they couldn't fix the issue.  they're sending a tech on sunday. :( perfect timing for the bowl games tomorrow. ugh.

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        If you continue to have an issue after the tech visit please reach out via email with your full name and address.

        Jonathan J
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