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3 years ago

Error Codes XRE-03056 and XRE-03062


I have a number of channels that have not been working for a whole week now.  I was receiving error code XRE-03056 last week, and this week it is XRE-03062.  Both say there is an issue on your end.  Which makes me why all customer reps say the exact same thing and have us keep resetting and unplugging the box, as if it is a problem on my end.  My internet is working fine, my apps are working fine, just the cable channels are not.  Initially I thought it was just the premier channels not working (HBO, Epix, Stars, Cinemax, FXM), but I realized there are a number of regular channels not working either.  I only have the one tv and box.  Since I pay a fortune every month on these channels, I expect the issue to be resolved already.  A week is ridiculous.  Please tell me how to get this fixed.  I've spoken to 3 customer service reps, and have not been helped as of yet.  

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    I am so very sorry to learn of your cable troubles and I'd like to help. Please email my team your full name and complete address to

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    Hi, Same thing is happening here.  Errors XRE-03061  03059.  Had a tech out here for an hour changing cables, moving the boxes around.  It's not fixed!  If there is a weak signal, then it's probably at the main line.   Please have someone come fix this. I can't watch tv consistently.  It gets pixelated, eventually errors.

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    I suggest taking your cable box to store and SWAP for another.     If the same issue occurs it’s probably the cable line.   Make sure everything is tight connection wise.  If that doesn’t help you may need tech support