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6 years ago

Email Spam stating from Cox

Just wondering if Cox is aware of a spam being sent which really looks as though its a security notice from Cox-stating to reply to this email within 24 hours or this account will be closed-as it was reported this account is being used for illegal stuff .   :/   Cox should really give warning to this 

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    It isn't spam.  But it sure has the hallmarks of spam. (the warning that the account will be locked in 24 hours;  no explanation of the reason for the requirement to change the password).   Read the other threads about this email.   It is affecting lots of people.  Cox says that it is their email notification.  The phone support lines are swamped. 

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      Thanks for the information :)  

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    Cox should have 2 step authentication in this day & age. It's 2019 not the 80's as one Cox rep told me.