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6 years ago

DVR Won't Record Daytime Jeopardy

In the four years we've had Cox, I've recorded "Daytime Jeopardy" every weeknight. This series is a repeat from a year ago but it's new to me because I don't watch it "new". On Friday July 27, they said a tournament would start on Monday. Instead we got a repeat of the regular show, from earlier in the season. I would watch it anyway but my DVR won't record it. I go through the routine, it says it's set to record, but it doesn't. The box is only 36% full. Maybe something to do with it being a repeat of a repeat?

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  • Hi KNN,

    In order to record daytime episodes of Jeopardy that are repeat episodes, you will need to record the series from the guide itself and not the voice option on the remote.
    Use the following from the guide:

    • go to the channel and use the right arrow until you see "Jeopardy!", then press OK on the remote.
    • Use the right arrow to highlight Record, then press OK.
    • Use the right arrow to highlight All Episodes, then press OK.
    • Use the down arrow to highlight Record, the following options are available: “New Episodes Only” and “New and Repeat Episodes”
    • Select New and Repeat Episodes
    • Use the up arrow to highlight Confirm, press OK

    Maria L.
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      I know how to do it. I don't use the voice option. Tonight I turned the show on, about half way through. I pushed the red button on the remote and it started recording. So I tried the  regular "new and repeat" method again. I got the screen that said it was set to record but when looked at the guide for tomorrow's red dot and nothing on the "Scheduled" page. I'm going to wait until they finish showing these reruns, then try it again.

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        Hi KNN, what channel airs "Daytime Jeopardy"? If a different channel than Primetime Jeopardy, try setting up a new series recording to record "new and repeat" (i.e. ALL) episodes on that specific channel only. Be sure to first delete your current series recording for "Daytime Jeopardy". This should ensure you get all episodes of "Daytime Jeopardy," regardless if labeled in the Guide as new or a repeat. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator