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5 years ago

DVR Sports, but exclude the Spanish channels on Contour 2?

I don't know why my previous post was locked... though it went unanswered??!! 😞

Back then my issue was Soccer games, but now my issue will be NFL Football.  I selected my fave teams to DVR, but guess what, since I have Spanish ESPN, it seems that Contour 2 wants to record those broadcasts of the same game during that schedule. 

I'd like to avoid the Spanish broadcasts, since I can watch the English broadcasts of the same game.  So how can I filter this, so only English broadcasted NFL games will be the only games it will DVR for my favorite teams?

Contour 2 should give the end-user an option to choose the broadcasting language when setting up the DVR recording session or it should be a global setting to give first priority to English broadcasts of the same game.  Even if they start to broadcast a few minutes earlier or etc.

Plus the fact, that since I may have other DVR schedules going on that day, it may not even DVR the English game, since the Spanish game started a few minutes earlier (which Contour 2 will give it first priority).  And if I have something else recording during that time, it will skip the English broadcast.  Ugggghhh!  -- Plus I don't like the fact of recording the same game twice (both English and Spanish).

FYI: I'm only paying to be able to DVR two shows at the same time, since I can't afford more options.  I wish I had the six shows DVR option, but I already pay too much for cable TV as it is.

Please fix this!

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  • Hi Rexx, aside from manually scheduling a recording for each game, you might try going to the list of scheduled recordings and deleting the upcoming Spanish-broadcast recording. I'm not sure if there is another way to accomplish your goal. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator