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6 years ago

DVR records old episodes as if they were new - follow up

This is a follow up to the below thread by FWB Customer 5 months or so ago.

My previous posts on this subject seemed to have disappeared.  Also there seems to be some other discussion on the same topic.  My DVR tries to record old episodes of shows as "New" if they aren't marked in the guide as either "New" or "Repeat."  I set the DVR to record a series, and to record "New Episodes Only" but I end up with it scheduling several old episodes as well as the new ones.  Specfic example: Ridiculousness - the DVR scheduled 27 old episodes (as well as the new ones) and each of those old episodes are not marked in the guide as either New or Repeat.  I have to go in and cancel each old episode to be recorded.

Why has this issue not been resolved? I had to cancel 20 old episodes in 1 week on the same channel as the season premier of the show. When will this issue get fixed? This has been an issue for several years and should not be occurring. I’m just waiting for several new seasons of some shows to start and have to manually cAngel a few dozen recordings each week. NOT!!!!!!  I’m paying over $200 per month and this is unacceptable. 

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    We would like to check again on this issue here. Would you let us know if you have Contour 1 or 2 at this time. We will test to see what is going on with this here.

    Mark M.
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