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DVR "Missed Recordings" issue.

My DVR says it has 61% free space. Yet, it missed over a week's worth of scheduled recordings claiming that there was not enough space on the DVR. What's the cause of this?

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  • Hi Jignitty,

    The amount stored on a hard drive varies because some programming takes up more space than others. HD will always take more space than SD programming. The Cisco 9865HDC High Definition DVR receiver has up to 946 hours of SD recording and up to 506 hours of HD recording. The estimated storage claim will vary with a mix of HD and SD recordings. There are various factors that can interfere with the DVR's ability to record. If you have issues with scheduled recordings again, please reach out to us so we can investigate in real time and capture the pertinent information.

    Maria L.
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      Well, it's all recording in HD. But it's not even near enough to take up the remaining 60+% of the space.