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6 years ago

DVR issues with just 1 TV show

I set my DVR to tape the new season of the TV show, Younger. Consistently every single week it shows up in my list of recorded shows but when I select the show to watch, I get the message that the show is not available. It only ever happens with this one TV show. Any ideas why this happens? 

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  • Hi TV fan, is your series recording set to record HD, SD, or a specific channel number? If a specific channel, what is the channel number? Have you tried deleting the series recording and setting up a new series recording from scratch? Rovi recording errors where the only message is that the episode is not available can result from signal and/or power fluctuations while the episode is being recorded. Signal and/or power fluctuations can also corrupt sections of the DVR's hard drive. It's possible that the first time this happened, the recording was corrupted, and the DVR is trying to re-utilize the corrupted drive space with subsequent recordings of the show. Rather than deleting the last episode that won't play, keep it stored on the DVR and see if the next episode will record properly. Also, check the coax connection to the DVR to ensure it is not loose or damaged. A splitter at the end of its lifespan could cause signal issues to the DVR, so you might consider replacing or temporarily bypassing the splitter during the recording of the next episode. If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, the DVR may simply need to be replaced. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator