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2 years ago

DVR fails to boot nightly eventually displays RDK 03030 error

My DVR has had issues for some time now where for some reason it has to reboot overnight and then fails to finish booting. The symptoms have changed over time but have recently gotten much worse. It used to only be stuck in the boot mode with a blank screen. This was fairly easy to recover from by disconnecting the connectors for awhile then plugging everything back in. If it didn't come back the first time then we waited for about 3 reset cycles (it seemed to go through about 6 minute cycles where the lights would flash off and on to start another cycle), then unplugged and plugged it back in.

For the last couple of weeks the symptoms are such that we don't seem to be able to recover it through any combination of unplugging connectors and restarting the dvr. Each morning it is in the state where it shows a message on the TV with a RDK-03030 error, saying that something went wrong and to try tightening the connectors and reset the system. This of course usually doesn't work and will after a long time go back to that same RDK-03030 message.

It eventually does come back but not until hours later. Yesterday it didn't come back until nighttime. I have called tech support previously and the only course of action was to send out a tech. When it was a mostly recoverable error it didn't seem worth it as by the time a tech came out chances are it would not be exhibiting the problem. It seems to happen every day now for a much longer time but I wonder if anything can be checked remotely to find out what is happening? There does not seem to be a cable signal issue. The internet works fine almost all the time. The DVR itself works fine once it finally comes back. (It also loses recordings which may or may not be related.) It just seems odd that this always happens overnight. Is there some kind of software update that has to run each night? Is there any way to opt out of these updates?

I'm also worried that the only solution will be to replace it with a new DVR. We have a lot of recordings that will be lost. I just replaced the DVR about a year ago (the old DVR was definitely going bad as it was becoming unresponsive). So, I would like to find out if there is anything that can be determined about the reason for these reboots.