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5 years ago

disk space management - followup

4 days ago i posted "disk space management"

2 hours ago a response was posted that was in no way helpful

worse - the thread was immediately locked, preventing any follow-up

i really don't know the best approach now

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    Why, specifically, was Kevin's reply not helpful?  He enumerated and answered each question.

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    in no particular order - and possibly some redundancy

    1) knowing the % full does not address size of individual recordings.

    1a) it only gives a suggestion of when cox will start magically removing recordings, ~94% seems to be the trigger point

    1b) manually deleting a single show may or may not show a change in %Full - and even if it does, if the recording has not been watched, it is unclear whether or not that should be the one to watch and manually delete to prevent the unknown cox algorithm from nuking something else

    2) "Recently Deleted" only shows what I have manually deleted, the key point for the original thread revolves around the recordings that are magically removed by cox

    2a) if i can't figure out what was nuked by cox because space needed, then i can't know when to re-schedule

    3) if save for "1 year" = relative to record date, what is the mechanism to save beyond that record date + 1 year

    3a) inability to sort by record date means end user can NOT proactively manage disk space

    3b) inability to reset save until as pure guess means end user can NOT proactively manage disk space. Compounding that is if we go thru manual drudgery of highlighting show, click recording options, the response to original question seems to say - does not matter if you again select save for 1 year, that it won't change anything

    4) inability to sort Recordings according to record date [or unknown delete date] exacerbates the problems

    4a) when a particular show has multiple episodes "Most Recent" just sorts the entire folder by most recent instance that was recorded. there is no way to either sort within that folder or easily jump to the oldest episode [# of clicks needed for too many tasks is another topic outside the scope of this thread]

    5) for recordings flagged as save "Until space is needed"

    5a) there is no way to sort by size if that is the approach i want to use for what to watch first

    5b) there is no way to determine in which order cox will nuke those recordings because spaces is needed

    5c) when cox has nuked a show because space was needed there is no way to recover or even identify which recordings were nuked

    5d) it is unclear if the cox algorithm has a first priority to nuke something that will be available for re-recording before something that is not have in the upcoming schedule

    5e) it seems that cox will nuke a show without automatically scheduling a re-record [unless that show is recording all including duplicates]

    6) conclusion seems to be that there is no way for user to manage diskspace short of keeping % full below the undocumented threshold

    7) closing a thread before poster has a chance  to reply is just wrong