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2 years ago

Discovery Plus Buffering Issue


I subscribed to Discovery+ to watch Shark Week content this week. I can access the app and log into it perfectly fine. However, anytime I try to watch anything, it just shows a black screen with a white buffering circle in the middle of it. Never actually loads and plays a show. This is across multiple TVs in the household. I have a CISCO Contour box that updates regularly. Also, other streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Video are working fine. Any idea if there's a problem with Discovery+ or am I doing something incorrectly?

Thank You for your help.

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    Just FYI, I have rebooted and ended up having the same problem.

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    Several months ago, I tried Discovery+ on the Contour 2 set top box - NOT the streaming device. Kept getting buffering every 30 seconds. Tried rebooting at the time but no joy. This did not - never has - with Peacock which admittedly is a free built-in app. Has your problem been resolved? Would resubscribe IF I knew we could watch D+ shows without buffering.