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7 years ago

Disable Netflix when searching On-Demand

I understand that many in the world have Netflix accounts but I do not and don't want to purchase one.  Therefore it is really annoying that as I am searching through my on-demand that I am unable to filter out what is available on Cox on-demand vs Netflix.  If anyone knows of a way to do that it would make my life and kids life easier than thinking there is a show available only to find out it is not.

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  • Hi Jgedb,

    I don't have a Netflix account, either, so I understand where you are coming from. Since you mentioned Netflix, I'm guessing you have a Contour 2 receiver. Contour 2 offers several different search capabilities. How do you scroll through available titles in Cox On DEMAND?

    Press the Contour button on your remote control and use the arrow keys to navigate to and select On DEMAND. The On DEMAND menu categories are displayed (TV, Movies, Kids, Networks, Sports, etc.), and each offer different sorting options. By sorting the "TV" menu by Network, Netflix titles are excluded. The other menus also offer different sorting methods, which can help point you to free movies or to movies on Premium channels to which you subscribe.