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6 years ago

Digital Surround Sound from Cox Contour box?

I have recently tried desperately to get Dolby Digital 5.1Surround Sound to work from my Cox Countour. I have the box connected to my XBOX ONE via HDMI, which is connected to my Sony Receiver via Optical Cable. The Xbox One games, movies and apps all work, playing with 5.1SS. But when watching TV via the Cox Contour Box, I only get sound out of the front speakers.

I have the correct audio settings in teh XBOX (obviously), and have gotten into the Cox Settings>Audio> and set the "Expert Mode to the Dibly Digital 5.1 via HDMI output...but still only get a stereo feed from the speakers. What am i missing here?

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    What are the following audio setting on your Xbox?

    HDMI Audio
    Optical Audio
    Bitstream Format

    Just a stab in the dark but I've read if you have headphones connected to your Xbox, the audio output defaults to 2-channel stereo.

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      I have actually tried MULTIPLE configurations. Listed below. None of them seem to work. My latest inquiry with COX rep stated that consumers are not yet able to receive Dolby digital signal via the Cox Contour box, even though the SETTINGS in the box DO offer a Dolby 5.1 SS selection!. Considering their boxes 6 years ago (last time i had Cox) had the Dolby capability, its outrageous to think the newer technology does NOT offer that output...but instead teases you with that audio output selection in settings 😞

      Configurations attempted:

      Contour Box HDMI output to projector (video), and Optical output to Sony Receiver. Settings on Contour audio out - Optical>Expert Mode>Dolby Digital 5.1 = FAIL, stereo sound only

      Contour Box HDMI output to Sony receiver bypass, then out to projector. Settings on Contour audio out - HDMI>Expert Mode>Dolby Digital 5.1 = FAIL, I get the video signal fine, but ZERO sound.

      Contour box HDMI output to Xbox One input bypass, then out to projector, Optical cable from xbox one to Sony receiver. Settings on Contour audio out - Optical>Expert Mode>Dolby Digital 5.1= FAIL. Xbox games an content get Dolby 5.1 SS, but switching to TV only nets the Stereo output again.

      Again, with the Cox rep stating that the actual reception of Dolby 5.1 is not available to customers, I tend to believe the blame is squarely on them yet.

      COX....GET ME MY DOLBY!!!! :)

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        Troyobrien, The Contour receiver outputs digital stereo via HDMI, so unless you are using an optical cable from the Contour receiver to your Sony receiver in addition to the HDMI cable you shouldn't use the optical setting in the Contour menu. Expert Mode may not be compatible with some audio systems. Have you tried this?
        In the Audio settings, select HDMI Output and use the left and right arrows to select Auto Detect

        -ColleenD. Cox Support Forums Moderator