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5 years ago

Deleted programs from Cox contour box

Overnight last Sunday, July 14 all programs recorded on my Cox contour DVR were deleted during an update by Cox communications. Did anyone else experience this problem? And if so, what was the outcome?

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    Hello, we are extremely sorry to learn about this experience, and we understand the inconveniences that can arise as a result. It is entirely possible that these recordings became corrupted. At this time, there is no way for you to recover the saved recordings. I would suggest unplugging the main receiver, waiting ten seconds and plugging it back in. If this does not resolve, I strongly suggest swapping out the receiver, as it may have a defective hard drive. You may be able to find the same program using On Demand.

    Please feel free to send us an email at, for further assistance. We can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator