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3 years ago

delete Reminders on Contour remote

I have looked at all the previous discussions on this topic, but "Reminders" does NOT appear anywhere no matter what I try with my Contour remote with a Contour DVR installed in July 2021.  Please give instructions using a remote with a "CONTOUR" button, NOT with a "COX" button as all the previous threads say to click. There ISN'T a "COX" button on my remote! I can delete set up recordings just fine, but there is seemingly NO way to delete a REMINDER!

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    I don't have DVR, but my reminders would be under Contour Button > Saved > Scheduled.

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    Same problem! 

    I have Contour Voice Remote (XR11)

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      Try this:

      Press Contour - select saved & press ok (enter)  - select scheduled - down arrow to programs then up arrow to "view recordings " & press select- down arrow to "reminders" - enter - (should now show a list of your reminders) select and delete as normal (x on the right).

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        It's not a Notification, it's a Reminder