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5 years ago

Cox Technician gaining access to side house box without authorization

From my surveillance camera, yesterday 5/7/20 around 3:30pm a Cox technician came to my house while I was at work and started to fiddle with the box that is mounted to the side of my house (below my breaker box). I did NOT call for service and did not authorize for him to gain access to my property. I called Cox in the evening and was told that there’s a work order in my area to place a TAP. However, the TAP is located in the common area and NOT at the side of my house. This is very concerning.

on a side note, it is possible for someone to install some type of skimmer box that can compromise my internet security at the point of signal entry to/fro my home?

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  • Hi thomastran,

    We can investigate this issue and address your concern. Please email our team at with this post, your full name, and your complete address.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator