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7 years ago

Cox Recording Repeats when I ask for New only!

I am so annoyed by this issue - and it's not a new one either.  It sure is taking Cox a long time to figure this one out.  I used to have Verizon FIOS and never, ever did i have this issue.  

At first I thought it was "operator error" so I checked to make sure my DVR recordings were set up to record only NEW episodes, instead I am getting old and new! Worst yet, Cox is labeling these repeat shows as "new".   I start watching them just to realize it's a repeat.  

What is Cox seriously doing to fix this issue?

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    If you have checked and it is set to record new episodes only, Please try adjusting the channel option from HD or SD perferred to the actual channel number. Let us know if that corrects your issue.

    Mark M.
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