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2 years ago

Cox raising prices to unsustainable levels

Anyone else notice Cox raising their rates to ridiculous levels after promos "fall off" ? I have left Cox once before because of this and I am getting ready to go back to AT&T. Cox raised my rates over $70.00 per month over the course of a year. Last time I left them and turned in my equipment at my local Cox store, they sent me an email in less than 24 hours wanting me back. They offered a 40% discount if I would come back to Cox. Yes Cox, I still have the receipts so don't try and tell me that didn't happen. I'll post it up for all to see if you like. Hey Cox, why did it take me cutting you off and making it official by turning in my equipment to get you to move on your pricing? Sorry for the rant but if you are a consumer and are being hosed by Cox, don't hesitate to take your money elsewhere. Shop around. You will save some money. See ya Cox !

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