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5 years ago

Cox needs to add the ACC network

As we are in day 5 without the ACC network on COX, the statement that COX is putting out is they haven't acquired the ACC network due to trying to keep their costs low to their customers. I among MANY, would give up EVERY channel on the existing sports pak that we pay extra for now ( including ESPNU) to get the ACC network. How about listening to your clients and their voices. Most of us would pay $5.00 more a month for the ACC network, so why not make it an option, instead of leaving us in the dark and looking into other cable providers. Verizon jumped on the ACC Network service quickly ( they are the only other cable provider in my area) so after being a COX loyal customer for over 24 years, this is a shame. Please bring the ACC network on board, or another customer will be switching providers.

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