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5 years ago

Cox needs to add SportnNet LA immediately!

Santa Barbara Dodgers fans have suffered long enough!

SportsNet LA will be on AT&T platforms, DirecTV, and U-verse TV and it NEEDS TO BE ON COX!!

Do the right thing before you start losing customers to DirecTV.


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    I will be switching providers if this channel is not picked up ASAP.

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    Here's the official response:  “Our interest in SportsNet LA hasn’t changed,” Cox Communications spokesman Todd Smith said. “If we can get a reasonable deal that doesn’t overburden our entire video customer base in the market, we’d love to carry the content. Now more than ever we’re doing everything we can to keep customers connected to people and things they care about at an affordable price.”  As for me, if Cox hasn't committed to SportsNet LA within a week, I'm leaving Cox.  (Yes.  Things are difficult right now.  But AT&T made the deal - so can Cox.)

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      I will be switching providers if this channel is not picked up ASAP.

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    I like Cox but there is no question in my mind that I will be switching providers if SportsNet LA isn't picked up by Cox ASAP even if I have to pay more with another provider … I need SportsNet LA during this STAY AT HOME period