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5 years ago

Cox is terrible!

Cox Contour is undoubtedly the worst thing to ever exist. Why can't I rewind like other cable providers? I can only rewind 25 minutes of live TV and sometimes it won't even rewind at all! This is terrible!

And stop dictating which commercials I can watch. I don't want to see less than one second of a commercial only for it to be replaced with something from Cox.

Cox is terrible!

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  • Hello. You will need to be subscribed to our dvr service and be using a dvr box in order to use the pause and rewind feature. You can find more information about our tv and dvr service here: Also, you are describing commercial clipping where commercials do not line up correctly and you end up seeing part of one commercial before the intended one is played. The next time that you experience this issue, please send us an email with the exact time, channel number, and a brief description of the commercial to Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.