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5 years ago

COX Home Life & Adding Cameras

I have the Full COX setup, internet, cable, and the home life security setup. I have two 'ICamera2" on the system, I purchased another one to add to the system. My understanding is that I can add up to 6 cameras.  However, when I called Cox to help add the new camera I was told, that although I have service I am not allowed to add my own camera and I have to have a technician come out, charge me $75 to add a new camera. Reason, my service level doesn't allow for adding this myself. 

I spoke to a supervisor, and he told me the same thing. "Sorry, you have homelife, and it doesn't allow you to add your own camera, we have to send a tech out at a $75 cost to you to add the camera that you purchased from us into our system"  

Can someone explain this to me!  I am one click away from canceling everything from cox, and I mean EVERYTHING!  because this is simply WRONG!

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    Hello, did you purchase the camera from Cox, or is this a third-party retail camera? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator