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6 years ago

COX EAS code Interrupts but does not display alert

I posted this before but did not realize the code that was displaying on the box. Every once in a while in the wee hours of the morning the show I am watching is interrupted. A code "EAS" is displayed on the box and eventually a screen pops up saying "For support or to activate services, call" and it gives numbers for residential customers and another for business. This lasts maybe thirty seconds to a minute and wipes out whatever show I am watching. It does not matter what channel I am watching at the time. Is this an emergency broadcast attempting to display but for some reason it is not working?


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    It is not a message from the Emergency Alert System (EAS).  It's a colorful message displayed on your TV, right?  EAS messages are crudely monochrome.

    I occasionally get those messages.  It reads, "Get This Service Now...To Subscribe to This Channel TBS...Call (866) 123-4567..."

    From what I understand, it the default screen when your cable box syncs with the headend at Cox.  It is annoying.  I've never waited 30-60 seconds for it to clear.  That's a long time.  Mine disappears within 10 seconds or so.

    It's interesting the cable box displays a code during the sync.  I'll have to look for that next time.