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2 years ago

COX DVR Deleted all My Saved Recordings on about 1 July 2022

COX to my knowledge is nor has not admitted any error or responsibility. This mass deletion has happened many times over many years according to my recent internet searches. I do not expect COX to actually help or care about a few Customers grips, as long as money is not involved. Only Legal and/or Group Customer Petitions may get their attention. Even this very Forum is type of Customer patronizing. The real value of this Forum is that many Customers interact and share their experiences and knowledge.

So here is my Compliant to the hopefully add to the growing list, assuming COX even keeps a list.

COX DVR deleted all my saved programs saved prior to 30June 2022

ALL my Saved programs on my Contour DVR prior to 30 June 2022 were inappropriately deleted without my knowledge or consent. I believe this event was caused or initiated by COX Inc.

My Contour DVR recordings storage usage prior to 30 June 2022 was about 40% full. Now after 1 July 2022 the recordings management screen shows only 4% space full, and under Recent Deletions category reads “0” (no deletions). I am the only person who uses this system.

I see from many other such COX DVR customers complaints displayed on the internet that this is not a random or localized event. My thought is this was likely a COX system wide event. Request you add my COX Customer Complaint to the growing list of inconvenienced or harmed COX Customers.

It is doubtful COX can or would retrieve/recover/reinstate all Customers saved recordings. But a small chance may exist that COX discovers and explains what caused thus massive, system wide deletions event on COX DVRs.

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  • @Eddiy70, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this dvr concern to so we can look into this issue on your behalf. -Allan. Cox Support Forums Moderator.