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6 years ago

Cox Contour message ARE YOU STILL WATCHING

My Contour Box shuts off by itself after a message comes up that asks me Are You Still Watching?  I have disabled all the timer and power saver modes in the Contour settings AND on my Vizio TV. Anyone know how to help or fix this?  I want the TV to stay on until I manually turn it off.  thanks!!!

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    Hi Timhotchkiss,

    Are you using the Contour 1 box or the Contour 2 box. For Contour 1, please go into the settings menu on the box. Go to Receiver, then Power Manger to make sure that Power Off Manually is turned on. For Contour 2, please press Contour on the remote. Go to settings & then Device Settings & the Power Preferences. Make sure that the Power Saver is off. Let us know if it was showing off already.

    Mark M.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator