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7 years ago

Cox Cable DVR recording wrong shows on CBS

I set my DVR to record Young and the Restless and Survivor (both on CBS).  The DVR will not play back Y&R, and records a completely different show instead of Survivor.  Last night it recorded Dr. Phil and Judge Judy instead, but Survivor was running at the right time.  How is this happening??

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  • Hi Mstroh, what steps did you take when scheduling your DVR to record Young and the Restless and Survivor? There are several ways you can program your DVR to record a program. The most reliable method is to press the Guide button on your remote control and scroll to highlight the show you want to record. Using the voice search function on your Contour 2 remote to locate a show and set up a recording will occasionally cause recording errors. When you try to play back Young and the Restless, does the DVR display an error message or error code? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      With all due respect, I know how to set my DVR.  It says it is recording Survivor, and indeed Survivor is playing live, but when you go to the recording, it is a completely different program.  So far this only happens on CBS.  The DVR does not display an error message.  It says it is playing back Survivor.

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        Hi Mstroh, I've never heard of this happening before. I'd like to ask again what Becky has asked, are you creating or scheduling the recording manually or via the Contour 2 Voice controls? Also, if you happen to be home when recording any item, are you able to go into the menu to verify that your program is showing as being recorded. I'd suggest that you manually schedule a live recording of a CBS program to see if you're able to duplicate the issue. Let us know what happens. -Thanks, Carol