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6 years ago

Countour2 and XR11 Functions in viewing multiple days in the Guide

We were viewing the guide and setting programs up to record when we wished to set up program recording over multiple days. How do we move from day to day using the keys on the XR11. For instance jump from day 1 to day 3 of the Guide.

There was a way to do it on our Rovi DVR but don't see anything on the on the XR11. Using the Right and Left arrows to navigate through multiple days doesn't get it. I got a popup Tip that said use the FF key to advance from day to day. I don't see anything on the XR11 that would allow me to do that. Of course it was my second day trying to use the new remote :).

Any help would be appreciated. Is there a user guide on the XR11 that is a little more detailed?


Tony Olson

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  • Hi TonyofAZ. Try The fast forward button is the >> button directly underneath the channel button. Every time you select the >> button, it moves forward 12 hours. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thanks LisaH I've made the URL you provided as one of my favorites.


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        You're Welcome, If you have any further concerns please reach out to us. -Xavier