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2 years ago

countour 2 recording on specific channel

On countour 2 DVR from Cox, you can no longer select a specific network or channel.  This causes RE-RUNS showing on different odd networks to be recorded- several times a day for several days sometimes!.  How do you specify only one channel like we used to be able to do.

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      Thank you for your link but this does not correct the long standing (other searches from long ago) problem that Cox no longer offers a specific station when recording a series new episodes only.

      So, for example, if I record Blue Bloods and say new episodes  only it records the Friday night 10 pm correctly when it is a new episode, but when a lesser station starts showing all day shows of re-runs (may be new to them) it records all of them all day.  Now also it is happening with "The Neighborhood'..Very frustrating having all these re-runs being recorded.  In today's day and age one would think Cox could fix this issue or at least put back the option to select a specific station for new shows only.

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        @OldBob2, when setting up a recording, you should have an option that says Channels. When selecting that option, you should be able to move the options left/right and choose between hd/sd/and the "only this channel" option. This will prevent the dvr box from recording that program from other channels. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.