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8 months ago

Cost-Effective Solution to Zone TV

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find a cost effective solution that would allow me to view multiple events and make it easy to change the the channel in an establishment.

in addition to showing live sporting events, we are using a Brightside digital signage player that will allow advertise digital content and also for live TV bypass.  

Each TV will have a TV Contour receiver and Brightside player connected via CAT6 that goes back to the IDF  (server room)  The  Brightside side will connect directly to the TV via HDMI cable and the Contour TV will connect to the Bridghtside player via HDMI cable.

As for sound, we will have TV Contour box inside the IDF room connected directly to the Yamaha receiver.  Regardless how many sporting events are going on we will only play one event or just music.

This is the following set up:

In the IDG  room  Primary Outlet

1 Business TV Contour Receiver

1 Advanced TV (Digital Gateway) - Primary Outoet

On the floor:

16 TVs with 16 Business TV Contour Receiver with 16  Brightside digital content players 

I can easily have 16 channels playing at any given time, but I want to zone TV into 4 separate channels.  What's the best way to do this that wouldn't brake the bank.



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