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7 years ago

Contour2 power saver question

Is it ok to use the power saver feature when not using the cable until the next night, when I leave on the box & then use it the next night it's pretty slow at 1st & I have to change channels for it to start working good again, I think someone at cox said to never use the power saver then what is it used for?  Also I still have an issue with slow remote respond time which I am waiting & trying to make a video of this the next time it happens, especially getting stuck in fast forward.  I am starting to think it's a ventilation issue since my box is surrounded by wood compartment 3 or 4  inches from it on either side. can this cause issues?  My older box actually was bigger & I had issues too. 

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  • Thecat18, I'm not aware of any issues with using the power save feature. Your side clearance shouldn't cause any trouble. How much clearance do you have above the box? Is there a glass door (or door made of any other material) on the front of the compartment or any other objects blocking the front of the box? -ColleenD Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Ok no glass door, on top there is around 2 1/2 in. & the sides are 2 each & open in the back after a few in.  Last night on the other contour box it got stuck in fast forward again but I wasn't able to record a video of it.  The recording got to the end & froze until I rebooted it & from hitting buttons I got the rdk-03033 error code like weeks ago when I programmed the remote again but the cable man said I did it before the one on the main box so i got the error guess it didn't help so I got new remotes but this was a different reason why the error came up  If i rec. a video I will email to cox. like in my last email.

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        Hi Thecat18, how often does your receiver get stuck in fast-forward mode? Is it a common occurrence? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator